Lunch Mentoring


Are you interested in youth mentoring and available for lunch?  Lunch Mentoring happens during lunch period at the child’s school, once a week during the school year.  Mentors are adult volunteers and high school students who have committed to impacting the life of a child. Over lunch, you and your Young Friend can talk, play a board game, get some fresh air and build a friendship. 

The lunch period is usually about 40 minutes.  Elementary students must eat lunch on campus.  Middle and high school students are permitted to leave the campus with their mentor for lunch.  Best Friends program managers will recommend a school convenient for you and children provide their own lunch, so there is no cost to you – all you need to bring is yourself!


Mentor Eligibility: Must be at least a freshman in high school and not a parent of a child enrolled in our program.  You must have access to an automobile or reliable transportation and will be screened for eligibility. 

Young Friend Eligibility: Must be at least 5 years old and attend school within the Neenah and Menasha Joint School Districts. 

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