Why We Mentor


Sami Jo and Eric have been matched Lucas, age 9, for 1 year. Below, they share their thoughts and a few surprises on mentoring and how it has impacted them as a couple.

When people find out we are mentors, they are surprised. ‘You have a young child of your own. How do you find the time?’ is most often the question. It doesn’t take much time to make a difference to a child is always my answer. We wanted to give back and provide a chance at new opportunities and experiences for someone special.

Lucas has taught us so much. That pizza tastes best with parmesan cheese. That a rewarding adventure is improving by sharing it with friends. And how watching a child grow is a gift. 

We are so inspired when we spend time with Lucas. We are more open minded, flexible and understand life from a different perspective. Mentoring has allowed us to see things in a new way, learning how to make the most of what we have. He reminds us to laugh and is becoming more active and outgoing.

If you are thinking about becoming a mentor, we urge you find out more. Talk to the team at Best Friends – they have been very supportive and have helped us navigate, especially in the beginning of our friendship. We have been able to integrate Lucas into our life and activities without much effort.

The world can be a difficult place. If you have a little time to share, please consider mentoring a child. It is so rewarding!

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