So Many Ways to Invest in Kids!

Our children are worth your investment.  Every donation brings us closer to providing a strong mentor for every child who needs a little help to succeed.  With approximately 60 children on our Waiting List, we can do so much more with your support.

Mentors make a real and lasting impact on children.  For kids in our program:

  • 80% feel they are doing better in school
  • 78% feel more prepared to resist negative peer pressure
  • 75% develop an education plan for after high school
  • 93% feel they have an adult in their life they can trust and confide in
  • 75% feel they are more physically active

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When you donate to Best Friends of Neenah-Menasha, you become part of a wave of change.  Ordinary people realizing that many children today need a hand.  That it’s better to offer impactful assistance to young people, then to try to change the belief and behaviors of an adult.  That the right person at the right time can mean the world to a child. 

With your donation, you also honor those people who were there with you when you were young.  Mentors who made a difference in your life, without whom, you’d be a very different person.

So Many Ways to Give Back

Our mission of mentoring is supported many ways, all of them important to our continued success.  Individuals, service organizations and businesses in the community who believe in the power of mentoring support Best Friends.Join them today and hit the ‘Invest in Kids'  button.  Or make your contribution in person, we love visitors! 

There are other options as well.  Donating real estate, creating a charitable trust or establishing a memorial fund are a few of the ways you can support mentoring at Best Friends.  Please call Jaime Kriewaldt, Executive Director to discuss your ideas.